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What is aerial advertising?
Who uses aerial advertising?
When is aerial advertising used?
Where do aerial ads work?
Why use aerial ads?
How do you get the banner in the air?
Can I ride in the airplane while my sign is being towed?

Flight is one of humankind's oldest dreams. Perhaps that is why even though flying and airplanes are a part of our everyday lives, few people can resist the urge to look up when they hear an airplane overhead. Aerial advertisers capitalize on this irresistible urge. Since the early 1920's people have turned their heads up to the sky to be thrilled by aerial signs. Yet it is as fresh and effective today as ever.

Heads Up Aerial Advertising Company Profile

Heads Up Aerial Advertising, founded in 1996, provides aerial advertising services. We specialize in large venue events such as NASCAR, college football, and professional football. Based at the Downtown Island Home Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee. We began operations towing signs at the University of Tennessee home football games which offers crowds of 107,000 or more. Since then we have expanded to NASCAR and professional football. Centrally located in the eastern half of the country, we are within 500 miles of approximately 75% of NASCAR NC & BGN events.

What is Aerial Advertising?

The two most common forms of aerial advertising are Banners and Aerial Billboards.

Banners, or more specifically letter banners, are made of individual letters connected together to form your message. Here is an example of a letter banner:

Aerial Billboards are large panels painted with colorful logos, text, graphics, and even photo-realistic images. Aerial Billboards can be very effective. HEADS UP! is more than happy to help you design and acquire an Aerial Billboard for your business. Here is an example of an Aerial Billboard sign:

Finally, the two basic types of signs can be combined in a Logo Banner. Logo Banners combine an Aerial Billboard with a letter Banner. Here is a picture of the Hound Dogs Logo Banner. It starts with an Aerial Billboard which is used for the company logo to which a letter Banner is added. Here the letter Banner gives the location of the Hound Dogs stores in Knoxville.

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Who uses Aerial Advertising?

Aerial Advertising works with a wide array of products and services, from restaurants to staffing firms. From car batteries to web sites. From soft drinks to medical services. If your target market is attending the targeted event, then aerial advertising is a viable opportunity for you.

Compared to other advertising media, Aerial Advertising is very cost effective.

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When Is Aerial Advertising Used?

Use Heads Up Aerial Advertising when you want:

  • Target marketing to large crowds at outdoor events (you choose the events).
  • Target marketing during drive time (you choose the location and time) .
  • The opportunity to place your ad above the cluttered environment on the ground.
  • Anytime you want to add that special touch that will keep your name in the publics mind after the ads are gone.

Please see Venues/Opportunities for events we plan to attend. But we are by no means limited to scheduled events, please ask for the time that works best for your business.

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Where Does Aerial Advertising Work?

Anywhere people are outdoors.

Heads Up specializes in advertising at large outdoor events where the value for your advertising dollar is maximized - NASCAR, College Football, Professional Football.We also offer flights during drive time which can also offer large outdoor crowds.

Through aerial advertising you can reach people when they're outside and relaxed, when they are more receptive to your message.

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Why Use Aerial Advertising?

Because it works!

When a banner appears overhead, people instinctively gaze with curiosity - they don't change stations, or run to the kitchen for a snack!

When was the last time you tried to NOT read a banner? There is nothing like an aerial sign. It's irresistible.

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How do you get the banner into the air?

HEADS UP! uses an aerial banner pickup technique. The banner is laid out on the ground. A long rope is attached to the beginning of the banner. At the end of this rope is a loop which is placed on top of two poles. After taking off, the pilot throws out a grappling hook that is attached to the tail of the airplane. He then dives on the poles that hold the pickup loop. At just the right instant he pulls the airplane up into a steep climb (a feat which requires extraordinary skill and courage, just ask any banner tow pilot ;-). The banner peels up off of the ground and the pilot climbs to towing altitude. The pictures below will help illustrate.

"The Moment of Truth", hooking the banner pickup line!

Here you can see the orange poles which hold up the pickup loop which is attached to the banner (the loop stretched between the poles isn't very visible in this picture). The poles are 10 feet tall. Clearly seen is the white rope from the tail of the aircraft that has a grappling hook on the end. At this point the airplane is flying at about 110 MPH (normal towing speed is 60 to 70 MPH).

A view from the rear as the banner comes off the ground after the hook.

Here the pilot is climbing with the sign in tow. Barely visible in the distance is Neyland Stadium where the University of Tennessee plays its home football games.

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Can I ride in the plane while my sign is being towed?

This is the most frequent question we get, but unfortunately the FAA does not allow passengers during banner tow operations.

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