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UT Football
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Heads Up Aerial Advertising offers a world of advertising opportunities. We can put your message where no other media can - in the air - above the clutter on the ground. Put your message above the rest - with Heads Up Aerial Advertising.

  • University of Tennessee home game tailgating
  • Drive-Time ads in and around Knoxville, TN
  • Boomsday, fireworks on the Knoxville waterfront
  • TVA&I Fair
  • Bristol NASCAR Busch Series races
  • Bristol NASCAR Nextel Cup tailgating

University of Tennessee Football

This is where our business began, and its still our favorite venue. Average attendance of over 107,000 in 2000! We can make over 1 MILLION impressions for your business in just one flight...

If Vol fans are part of your demographic, this is the place to BE SEEN. If you want to establish a stadium presence, or enhance your existing presence, Heads Up Aerial Advertising is the cost effective way to do it.

UT vs. LSU  www.MyStadiumPhoto.com
Here is one of many stadium photos available at www.MyStadiumPhoto.com

Sea of Orange tailgating crowd

Tailgating crowd - A Sea of Orange! (click on image for large full size image)

Another view of tailgating on the Cumberland Strip! (click on image for larger)

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities that Heads Up Aerial Advertising can offer your company. 865 919-1962.

Local Knoxville

In addition to the University of Tennessee home football games, another opportunity we offer our local clients in Knoxville, TN is drive time and around-town flights. With both I-40 / I-75 running through west Knoxville parallel to Kingston Pike there are plenty of eyes to view your message. Below are some aerial photos taken while we were flying signs.

Aerial photo showing aerial ad opportunities - West Town Mall, Kingston Pike, I-40 drive time advertising
A view of 1-40/I-75, Kingston Pike & West Town Mall

Factoid: There are over 200 commercial signs visible - in each direction - between the Pellissippi Pkwy. and John white Pkwy along I-40. There are almost 200 DOT signs each way in addition to these.

Very likely you pass hundreds of roadside billboards each day... how many can you recall right now? If you've seen an aerial banner today I'll bet you remember it! So will others!

1-40 West Knoxville

Got Traffic?

Let's face it. Knoxville is a permanent traffic jam! Cars as far as the eye can see. Take advantage of this wonderful advertising opportunity with Heads Up Aerial Advertising!


Very large crowds. Here is a shot we took at this years Boomsday. See the huge crowd along Neyland drive. A lot of boat traffic an this annual event too. Click on the image for a full size version and you can actually count people! (warning: 2.73 Mb image).

Knoxville Waterfront, Boomsday 2006

TVA&I Fair

Here's a photo of this years fair. Another great advertising opportunity

TVA&I Fair, Knoxville, TN

Bristol NASCAR

Tremendous crowds at Bristol, many of them stay the weekend. Tailgating flights are a great opportunity to use Heads Up Aerial Advertising.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Have something else in mind? Then give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

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